Poco on the Road

Poco on the Road

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A Trip of a Thousand Miles…

…begins with one step.  Is that how the saying goes? Okay.  I started my trip today.  A trip of discovery.  A trip of healthier habits.  A trip of photography.  A trip of meditation on the world around me.

My dog and faithful companion, Poco, set out as we sometimes do, for our afternoon walk in our neighborhood.  I carried with me the usual walk requirements: treats for training and behaving as expected or commanded, and a doggie clean up bag. I also carry with us my iPhone for emergencies and photos, my Nikon CoolPics camera, my Flip recorder (which is now out of date as Cisco, who bought the company last year could not manage to turn a quick enough profit and decided to drop the company and cease operations.  Support for the camera ends in 2013), my Cleveland Indians baseball cap and my pedometer.

We began our walk together meeting with a few of Poco’s doggie friends from down the street.  These two little puppies are now eleven months old, but still at that puppy, ‘I’m so excited by everything, I want to jump up and lick your face!’, stage.  Poco, being almost four years old is somewhat over this and likes to play with girls and boys closer to her own age.  Her best friend, Roxie, lives across the street. Poco will wake from a sound sleep at the sound of ‘Roxie’s’ garage door opening.  I think these two are soul mates from another lifetime.

After saying our goodbyes, we headed out as we usually do to make a circle of the community and parading down some of the other cul-de-sacs.  I couldn’t help but notice what a beautiful, clear and crisp day this was. Many of the flowers were in bloom.  The wonderful flowering white dogwoods were at their best.

Flowering White Dogwood

We got a close up look at one of the neighbors in their new home.  What a beautiful and cheery area!

A new neighbor!

Although no one was at home, we couldn’t help but notice that some of their belongings were protruding from the doorway.  I don’t think there will be room for much else if they are planning a family.  I reminded Poco that moving was hard work and they had probably  out for a bite to eat or to pick up some fixings at the local deli.

Continuing our walk of Poco’s neighborhood, I couldn’t help but notice that Poco was taking it all in.  I mean all.  She was quickly turning from side to side and looking at everything checking out all the new things Spring had put out to show her.  She also was intent on sniffing the air as we went along.  Satisfied that everything had made it through the Winter months and was sending out their scents and vibrations alerting all of their position in the world.

We came upon several more beautiful blooming Dogwoods as we neared our lake, surely to frequented by Poco’s bird friends.

Beautiful Dogwoods near Lake Poco

Poco began tugging a bit more arduously as if to say, ‘There it is!  Right across the street! Let’s check it out!’ I had to remind her that we only cross in the cross walks and only after we check for oncoming cars.  She is actually pretty good about understanding the words ‘wait’ and ‘cross walk’.  I use them at all times and reward her efforts to understand.  Strangely enough, she does know where the cross walks are.  I wonder sometimes if she truly understands more than she lets on to we humans in her life.

Lake Poco

We approached Lake Poco and saw that the Poco-lators, used to keep algae from taking over and also to aerate the water were operational and made the water quite clear and clean.  We wandered closer and noticed that several duck families were still residing here and new couples were looking for nesting sites.

The 'Poco-lators' at Lake Poco

It was time to go and continue our walk at a quicker pace to insure our heart rates were reaching their peak, otherwise, a walk is just a walk.

Poco left several ‘calling cards’ at various locations in the neighborhood for her friends who were indoors napping.  That what she calls it when she leaves a ladylike gentle touch of herself on the grasses.  She had already used a neighbor’s front lawn for elimination and Daddy discreetly removed it in a blue plastic bag which he carries for such necessities.  ‘Discretion would be better served if Daddy didn’t carry around that electric blue plastic bag as we go for our walk.’ ~ Poco

As we rounded our last turn for home, we couldn’t help but notice a few new flowers peeking out at us from some low ground cover.  We got a quiet, closer look near the trees of a neighbor’s front yard. Bending closer to smell the sweet fragrance, we were able to get a picture for our memory book as a reminder.  It seems that sometimes you have to look down to appreciate what it means to look up.

A Trinity of Tulips

Poco and I continued the short distance home and had a cool drink as we finished our walking exercise. Today Poco taught me that there is much more to appreciate in the world when you look down, side to side and take a moment to lift your eyes skyward and sniff the air.

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